The Gargiulo Education Center helps to develop educated and confident students within the Naples migrant community by providing academic programming that complements the public school curriculum, as well as a variety of enriching out-of-school content and activities.


The Gargiulo Education Center envisions a future in which all local migrant students find self-fulfillment and success as healthy, educated, and confident adults.


Respect — We value respect, both for ourselves and for others. Respect for differences and hardships, as well as similarities and successes, guides all of our actions and our decisions.

Effort — We expect everyone to put their best foot forward and make an initial effort to succeed; after this initial effort, we expect continued efforts to work hard and to persevere.

Curiosity — We embrace intellectual curiosity and the thirst for improvement.

Learning — We encourage learning throughout our entire community. Learning is a lifelong pursuit, no matter the age or occupation. We all continue to learn from one another and improve upon ourselves, whether it be the students, teachers, volunteers, or their families.