Who We Are

The Gargiulo Education Center helps to develop educated and confident students within the Naples migrant community by providing academic programming that complements the public school curriculum, as well as a variety of enriching out-of-school content and activities.

Mission Statement

The Gargiulo Education Center provides enriching academic and entrepreneurial opportunities in a caring environment to students from the agriculture, migrant, at-risk populations with the goal of improving the future of the families, one child at a time.


Our vision is to continue to expand on empowering not only our migrant children and families, but all the underserved and vulnerable children in our community.  We will persevere to build a nurturing, inclusive and engaging, multifaceted after-school program.  By offering academic curriculum, entrepreneurial values, social skills and emotional intelligence, we will aspire to break the chain of poverty, and build ambitious, confident and successful adults.


Respect — We value respect, both for ourselves and for others. Respect for differences and hardships, as well as similarities and successes, guides all of our actions and our decisions.

Effort — We expect everyone to put their best foot forward and make an initial effort to succeed; after this initial effort, we expect continued efforts to work hard and to persevere.

Curiosity — We embrace intellectual curiosity and the thirst for improvement.

Learning — We encourage learning throughout our entire community. Learning is a lifelong pursuit, no matter the age or occupation. We all continue to learn from one another and improve upon ourselves, whether it be the students, teachers, volunteers, or their families.

Did You Know?


  • 92% of all funding goes directly to our programs
  • 100% of our students graduate from high school and go on to attend college, a vocational program or go directly into the workforce.
  • We also provide support to the children’s families and have helped three families in 2022 rise above the poverty level.