Gargiulo and United Arts Council join together to offer the students at Gargiulo a creative arts program based on literacy and the arts.

The artist Kim Walbert, visited GEC weekly from November 16 through January 25. She presented workshops with the students titled, ‘Art and Literature Interpretation’. She worked in two sessions, one with the lower elementary students, Kindergarten through Grade 3 and then students in Grade 4 & 5. Kim read a different story book to each of the groups, the students were then given the directions to interpret that story line book into a creative art project. Lots of creativity, out of the box thinking, glitter, glue, and fun. (see photos of Kim and samples of art pieces)

On February 1, Antonio Correria, Multimedia Consultant and Videographer, was stage two in the arts program in the development of art interpretation, ‘ Creating Digital Video, and How to Use it for Interpretation’. Antonio met with the middle school students, grades 6 through 8 with video cams teaching the students how to use video on both sides of the camera to make live videos, then learned the process of cutting and splicing, and overcoming the fear of being ‘on camera’. (see photos of Antonio and students using video taping)

On April 6, Shawn Holiday, worked with the students in ‘Performance Arts and Literature and Videography’ the students who participated in the videography class and the lower and middle grade students using interpretative movement and acting out their favorite literature stories or literative writings of their own like poetry, short stories, short plays.