The Benison Center, founded by Frank Rincon, is a clearinghouse for items that are donated to various charitable organizations throughout the region. Frank donated over 500 items that many families would not be able to afford on their own that filled the shelves of our GEC Rewards Store, which is organized and run exclusively by our students. Students worked diligently to research costs, then price, and display each item for sale. It’s a valuable tool for our new Entrepreneurial Apprenticeship Program by teaching the children valuable retail, managerial and hospitality skills that help to instill a work ethic as well as a sense of accomplishment.

Students were eager to earn and save their GEC laminated dollars in the weeks leading up to Christmas so they could buy that perfect gift for their loved ones. With their arms full of gifts, students had a sense of pride and accomplishment knowing they were able to provide gifts for everyone they love and care about during this holiday season.

The gifts to teachers, family and friends were fantastic, but the education and valuable life skills our students received are priceless.