S.T.E.A.M. Program

The STEAM program at Gargiulo Education Center includes: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art/Music, and Mathematics. We would like to thank Mediterra Bible Study and the Community Foundation of Collier County for their generous donations and grants to make the STEAM program possible. We would also like to thank the United Arts Council for their weekly donated art instructor and wonderful supplies.


The photos below show Gargiulo students performing scientific observations on plants and flowers. They followed a procedure, did measurements, wrote down descriptions, and sketched their plants. After writing down and drawing their observations, they looked at the plants under a 30X microscope! Below is a picture of a Marigold from the view of the microscope. The photo gallery also includes a project where the students used physics to calculate the weight and force of apples held on toothpicks.



On Thursdays the students at Gargiulo work on coding, computers skills, web design, logo design, and typing skills. Below are photos of students working on their projects on the computer.



On Thursdays the students at Gargiulo do engineering projects like: Designing in 3D programs, 3D printing, and work with robotics. Below are photos of the two 3D printers in our STEAM room and some items the students helped 3D print!




On Mondays the students work on a variety of art projects. In the photos below you can see examples of some of the work they’ve done.



On Tuesdays the students have music class, where they learn a variety of instruments. This includes: Ukulele, Piano, Recorder, Drums, Singing, etc.



The students do a variety of projects involving math, as well as learning math in their K-12 curriculum. Below are photos from a Gingerbread house project, where they had to calculate the dimensions and area of the gingerbread houses before building them.