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Volunteer Information Form


Volunteers are expected to arrive by 3:15 on their chosen day and stay until 5:00 pm. If you are unable to make your chosen day, please let the Executive Director know as far in advance as possible so that they can schedule a replacement to work with your class or student.

The role of a volunteer tutor can vary depending on the grade level, the specific teacher’s teaching style, and the academic needs of the students on a specific day. Tutors should look to the teacher for guidance, and ask for direction as necessary. As teachers and volunteers begin to work together, they will recognize areas of interest and strengths and will be able to adjust the role as necessary to be most effective. Volunteer tutors can be expected to perform any of the following tasks throughout the year, but classroom activities are not limited to these:

  • One-on-one reading with students.
  • One-on-one homework assistance with the students.
  • Work with a small group of students while teacher engages the rest of the class.
  • Provide a talk to students based on experience or special knowledge.


If at any time, you are confused or uncomfortable with a part of the role or task, please do not hesitate to let the executive director know immediately. We want our volunteers to be as fulfilled with their roles as they are helpful to the kids and teachers! Volunteers are expected to show the highest moral character. By working as a volunteer, you are functioning as a role model and mentor for all of students. In many cases, you will be providing knowledge and experience to our students that they do not encounter in their home environment.


  1. To ensure that our students have the English and Math skills to succeed in a college or career.
  2. To ensure our students have the STEAM skills to be successful in a college or career.
  3. To ensure our students have the experience necessary to access the community they live in.
  4. To ensure students are respectful and have the skills to be effective citizens.
  5. To ensure students have a safe place to receive support and care.



I, agree to follow these standards of conduct while I volunteer at the Gargiulo Education Center.

  • I agree to respect each family and child, as well as each Gargiulo Education Center staff member, regardless of their gender, race, culture, ethnicity, age, religion, or disability.
  • I understand that any information I hear or read about anyone associated with the Gargiulo Education Center, such as children, families, and employees, must remain confidential.
  • I agree to treat children with respect using positive ways to guide them.
  • I understand that I must check with the Executive Director before giving any students outside snacks or gifts.
Please download this form and sign it. It will need to be returned to the GEC either by mail or when you come for an in-person orientation.