More than 60 migrant children from North Naples are getting a very unusual, creative education in the face of the novel coronavirus spread.

They began classes this week under tents and in the shade of the roof overhangs of the Gargiulo Education Center. It’s an experiment in helping these children learn while keeping them safe.

The precautions are tremendous. Only nine children at a time attend the program. They are led from the migrant housing to the tent school by holding onto a white rope 6 feet apart to maintain a safe distance. When they arrive, they walk on blue lines in boxes 6 feet apart to head to their tables. Each table has two students seated 6 feet apart. Teachers stand 6 feet from the students to give instruction.

Mary Asta, executive director of the Gargiulo Education Center, said these precautions were the only way she could open the makeshift school.

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