Juan Montes first came to GEC as an adorable kindergartner who loved playing with toy cars. Fast-forward 12 years and we are very proud to announce that Juan is enrolled in the Automotive Services Technology program at Lorenzo Walker Technical College. In this two-year program, students learn the skills necessary for careers in automotive maintenance including automotive electronics and air conditioning.

Because of Juan’s academic successes in high school, GEC helped him apply for, and obtain scholarships, that fully cover his tuition and expenses.

Juan became interested in cars at a young age and credits his Dad for inspiring him to pursue a career in the automotive industry. He recalls how his Dad sparked his passion by “showing me everything about cars.” Teaching him how to drive, change the oil and care for a vehicle. Juan also learned basic car maintenance and quickly became a problem solver. In order to pursue his passion, Juan knew he first needed different work experiences to prepare him for college and a future career in car mechanics. During high school, he worked at GEC and McDonald’s where he learned invaluable business and customer service skills. But he realized that in order to truly pursue his passion, he would need hands-on automotive experience.

For the past year, Juan has worked for North Naples Collision Center as a repair technician. Since it was just a couple minutes walk from his house, it allowed Juan to save money to purchase his first automobile (a pickup truck), allowing him not only more independence, but also transportation to and from school in Immokalee. Juan has been great in returning to GEC for assistance along the way. We prepared him for his post-secondary journey, but education always continues.
Juan has his sights set on the American Dream. He continues to work at North Naples Collision repair during school and after graduation. Eventually, he plans on going back to school for diesel mechanics and then opening his own business that focuses on lifting and fixing trucks.

We are so proud of Juan, and what he has accomplished to date. The sky is the limit for him, and we are so excited for his future.