Meet Evelyn Martinez! She’s currently in her second year at Florida SouthWestern State College, pursuing her dream of becoming an RN. Alongside her studies, she dedicates time to mentor younger students at the Center while juggling a job at an ear, nose, and throat practice. Her dedication paid off when she was recently awarded a promotion to Medical Assistant with a well-deserved raise, a testament to her passion for her work. Way to go, Evelyn!

For Mary Asta, seeing Evelyn thrive is akin to watching a child flourish, considering Evelyn’s journey from Kindergarten through her current successes. Initially reserved, Evelyn’s transformation began when she reluctantly joined the Entrepreneurial Apprenticeship Program in middle school. Despite initial apprehension, she embraced learning and new challenges, blossoming into the remarkable individual she is today. Graduating high school with a scholarship from the Center, Evelyn’s entrepreneurial spirit continues to dream of one day owning a small bakeshop alongside her nursing career. After all, she’s known for her delicious cupcakes!