Gargiulo Farms, Inc. is a great partner with the Center. In addition to the generous donations to help defray the cost of rent and operations, they provide us with a bountiful list of in kind services that would have cost the Center hundreds of dollars. They come when we call, as fast as they can.

Last summer, they sent their IT department to us to check out all of the IT equipment that was donated to the Center over the years. It took them over two to three weeks to check each component, decide to cut and splice, or send it to the recycle IT graveyard. The Maintenance crew cleaned the carpet and floors, changed the ceiling lights, replaced fire exits lights, shampooed the carpet again during Christmas break, fixed locks, unplugged toilets and sinks, installed cabinets, and so much more, the list can go on and on. We even get to use their Conference Room and teleconferencing equipment in their Administrative Offices at the Plant for our Board meetings. Thank you so very much.