The Entrepreneurial Apprenticeship Program (EAP) offers numerous benefits to participating children, including the opportunity to learn valuable skills and earn a real paycheck during their summer breaks.

At the Center, we strive to engage children in every aspect of our activities, fostering a sense of belonging and importance within the GEC family. This year, we introduced EAP t-shirts as a reward for hard work and exemplary work ethic, with an added twist—children were invited to participate in a design contest for the back of the shirt, while their names would adorn the front.

The winning design would not only grace this year’s shirt but also earn the talented artist a $50 prize. Excitement buzzed among the children, except for Ulises Resendiz, who initially hesitated to join the competition due to self-doubt. Convinced that another student possessed superior creativity, he felt resigned to failure before even attempting.

However, Mary Asta, our Executive Director, became involved. Through a heartfelt conversation, she reminded Ulises of the lessons taught in our S.M.A.R.T. program, emphasizing the importance of uncovering individual strengths and embracing the journey of self-discovery without fear of failure. Inspired by her words, Ulises realized the futility of his defeatist attitude and decided to give it his best shot.

In a reaffirming turn of events, Ulises’ last-minute submission emerged victorious! Since then, his demeanor has transformed, radiating newfound confidence. He now believes in himself as much as we have always believed in him.

Ulises exemplifies the power of determination and self-belief. With his intelligence and perseverance, there’s no limit to what he can achieve.