We bet you didn’t know that the Southwest Florida Workforce Development Board sponsors the After School Nutrition Program (ANP) across Collier County after school programs that qualify. The students at GEC have been getting a hot meal, chocolate or plain milk, fresh fruit, and a healthy snack all year for free. The food is delivered right to the front door of the Center. The agency provides a food warmer, paper goods, (e.g. sporks, napkins, straws) and uses our refrigerator to keep the milk and fruit fresh. We are so thankful to the SW Florida Workforce Development Board for its hard work and the food they provide for our students. Some of our students eat school lunch at 10:30 A.M. and would not eat again until early the next evening, so the hot meals they receive at GEC provides them with the energy and nutrition to get through the evenings on Monday through Thursday.  On Fridays, the Jr Committee meets and there is a Jr Committee Kitchen Crew where they prepare fresh fruit, nuts and very small amount of treats.

Student’s eating dinner Monday-Thursday:

Student’s on the Junior Committee kitchen crew preparing a healthy snack for fellow committee members on Fridays: