Entrepreneurial Apprenticeship Program (EAP)

A special thank you to NCEF Winter Wine Festival and their Good Wheels Grant Program! We wouldn’t have be able to do it without you!

The Entrepreneurial Apprenticeship Program opens the door to career paths and trades that our students may otherwise not be familiar with.

The students learn basic work skills while earning paid stipends and or reward points. These basic skills are:

  • Social media
  • Operations
  • Maintenance
  • Administrative duties
  • Data work
  • Budgeting
  • Event planning
  • Retail

Junior Committee Reward Store

The Junior Committee is a part of the center’s Entrepreneurial Apprenticeship Program and was established to empower and engage students in decision making in their school for rules, discipline, activities and events.  The committee started in March 2018 with seven students and now has thirty-two committee members. Each of the students has a role and responsibility. Their store has a store manager, assistant store manager, two female sales associates, one male sales associate and a cashier. The store employees earn a percentage of all sales of the store and are paid in points. The reward program originated as a continuation of the etiquette lessons that were provided to the students at Cypress Woods Golf and Country Club to expand on their manners, confidence and career readiness.   Mary Asta, board member and executive director of the Gargiulo Education Center states, “The changes and growth of self-esteem in these students are dramatic, in just a short period of time.”



Experiential Educational Outings

Students at Gargiulo are brought on experiential educational trips to broaden their horizons. These trips typically consist of the students touring a business and learning more about their careers. The students are also involved in community outreach during these educational outings.

Hospitality and Etiquette:

The students visited Cypress Woods Gold and Country club to learn about the hospitality business, etiquette and dining.

Click here to watch video of the students professionally folding napkins

Later the students visited Cypress Woods and continued their etiquette lessons at Sunday Brunch. They experienced foods such as omelettes and waffles for the first time.

Click here to watch a video of some of the students tasting an omelette and waffle for the first time.

Recycling Plant:

The students toured the recycling plant as well as the land fill. Thank you to the Good Wheels Grant Program for transportation.


Ritz Carlton:

After learning math on how to build a gingerbread house, the students were taken to the Ritz Carlton to see one in person. During this trip, the students learned all about what it takes to be a professional chef, and the process needed to build the magnificent gingerbread house in the hotel lobby. Thank you Chef Lerome Campbell!


Juniper Village:

Juniper Village hosted 24 children to share the Assisted Living business and teach them about Alzheimer’s disease.  Afterward, the chef took them all on a tour of the kitchen and explained the importance of proper nutrition. He then taught them all how to make pizza and decorate cookies (with time for the children to eat their creations, afterward)!  While at Juniper Village, the students met up with the Alzheimer’s residents.  Through these interactions, the children developed a stronger sense of compassion and empathy.

Trunk or Treat at Juniper Village Memory Care learning about caregiving.

Christmas Carols at Juniper Village.






Click here to watch video of students singing Christmas Carols


Bentley Village:

Singing at Bentley Village and learning how performers help the elderly while also earning a living.


Slumber party at Ms. Mary’s House:

The seven young ladies, ranging from grades 2 to 6, learned how to physically make their very first Thanksgiving dinner with very little assistance. They then practiced their table etiquette by setting the table, eating with their napkins on their lap, and cleaning up after the meal was finished. As a reward for making an excellent Thanksgiving feast, they were provided lunch at Cypress Woods Country Club, played pickleball, and went swimming.


College Basketball Game:

The students learned all about basketball and how an arena works. They also learned how bet points on which team was going to win.









First experience at a live dinner theater performance. After the show, the students had the opportunity to ask the actors about their profession.