We are very proud to announce, thanks to scholarships made possible by our partnership with Lorenzo Walker and GEC donors, our graduate and employee Elver has enrolled in the Automotive Services Technology program at Lorenzo Walker Technical College. In this two-year program, students learn the skills necessary for careers in automotive maintenance including automotive electronics and air conditioning.

Elver has always been impressed with his dad’s ability to diagnose and fix car problems, and knew he wanted to learn more. He helped his dad whenever possible and attended weekly car care maintenance classes offered to students at GEC. Elver was also determined to learn more

about business and accounting, skills he knew would help propel him in any career. As a participant in our Entrepreneurial Apprenticeship Program, Elver learned how to reconcile credit cards and bank accounts, learned how to draft professional letters, and how to manage databases. After graduating high school, Elver worked first part time and then full time at GEC, gaining new skill sets and additional responsibilities.

Elver has his sights set on his own American Dream. After graduating from Lorenzo Walker, Elver plans on working in the field while also taking additional business classes so he can one day run his own business.