Maria Wasseff created a not for profit agency and named it ‘Maria’s Birthday Wishes for the Homeless’. She and her many volunteers and family members brought cupcakes monthly to the many children from agencies who were working with homeless and needy children. She donated cupcakes to the students at Gargiulo.

Maria then decided to expand her goodness and grace at Christmas time by providing a special breakfast with Santa and the Chick Fil A cow. We rented the Naples Trolley and took all of the students from Gargiulo on the Saturday before Christmas to the Chick Fil A restaurant on Airport Road.

The students got a breakfast box, time to sit, talk, and take photos with Santa Claus and the Chick Fil A Cow. They also received wonderfully wrapped presents from Maria’s volunteers. It was a very nice morning, filled with smiles, laughs, and gratitude. We even had Tony, a professional photographer, take some pics of our students with big and happy smiles. He even made a photo album for us. Thank you, Maria, her family, volunteers, Chick Fil A Manager, staff, and Tony for all that you did.