One of our youngest EAP students is making moves toward true entrepreneurialism. Araceli, who is in 5th grade and has been with GEC since kindergarten has begun to bloom.

Araceli started out extremely shy and very quiet. Over the years she has watched her class mates and sister grow and thrive. So one day she decided to follow in her sister’s footsteps and and joined the GEC’s Junior Committee.

It was the first step of her entrepreneurship journey.

Since taking that first step, Araceli has grown tremendously in confidence and ambition. She entered the Naples Park Elementary Annual T-shirt design contest and through her creativity and determination she won 1st place! Her design now represents the 2023-2024 Naples Park Elementary School Spirit T-shirt of the year and is sold to all students.

She has now the all the validation she needed to become the outgoing and enterprising young lady she has dreamed of.