If you joined us for our 5th Annual Gala, A Table at Le Cirque Mediterra Style. The photos are now online! Click the button to visit the gallery.

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92% of all our funding goes directly to program support. That means your donations make a direct impact on the lives of the GEC kids.

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The Gargiulo Education Center provides enriching academic and entrepreneurial opportunities in a caring environment to students from the agriculture, migrant, at-risk populations with the goal of improving the future of the families, one child at a time.


1414 Rail Head Blvd.
Naples, Florida 34110

Program Hours (school days):
2:30 – 6:00 pm

Office hours (M-F):
10:00 am – 6:00 pm
(Closed from 1-2 pm for lunch)

Special evening or weekend appointments are available upon contact with the Director at 239-596-1975. Translation services are available.

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The Gargiulo Education Center is a pro bono agricultural, migrant and at-risk after-school program founded in the year 2000 under the umbrella of Redlands Christian Migrant Program. In 2014, the Gargiulo Education Center became its own 501c3. Instead of returning home from school to an empty house, the Gargiulo Education Center provides academic enrichment opportunities in a safe and nurturing environment to low-income, disadvantaged, at-risk students from kindergarten to high school (K-12) at no cost to the families.

At least 25 percent of our students have learning deficits and/or emotional challenges. Not only do some of the migrant families uproot and leave their homes in North Naples (Collier County) after the season has concluded, which in itself is traumatic, but upon their return, some of the children have missed a month or more of school. It is extremely challenging for these children to catch up academically and emotionally, especially because over 90% of their parents do not speak English. Our program focuses on tutoring in reading, writing, math, and entrepreneurial activities. We try to work with the children on a one-to-one basis in accordance to their needs and interests.

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All 60 students are separated by grade to be with their core teachers for tutoring in grade level content. In addition, we offer extracurricular programs to the students including STEAM classes 4 days a week. They work in small groups with certified STEAM teachers and participate in thought-provoking activities. Through this program, our students have gained confidence and stepped outside of themselves with an eagerness to learn more. The Education Center helps provide experiences similar to their school peers. 

Highlights of our programs include:


Education is the overarching component that is infused throughout all of the programs of the Gargiulo Education Center. This is our number one priority.  We believe the best way to break the cycle of poverty is through education, and it begins with employing the best staff.  Only certified teachers are retained by GEC to educate our areas most at risk youth.  We pride ourselves in being able to retain this level of dedicated educators and the results show. Over 18% of our are students are attaining straights A’s throughout this academic year and growing. Learn more.


Science, Technology (coding/computers/web), Engineering (3D printing/design/robotics), Art/Music, Mathematics

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EAP – Entrepreneurial Apprenticeship  Program

The Entrepreneurial Apprenticeship Program opens the door to career paths and trades that our students may otherwise not be familiar with.

The students learn basic work skills such as social media, operations, maintenance, administrative duties, data work, budgeting, and event planning while earning paid stipends.

The GEC Junior Committee is a part of the center’s Entrepreneurial Apprenticeship Program and was established to empower and engage students in decision making in their school for rules, discipline, activities, and events.

They have created the GEC Reward Store to reward their fellow students at the center for good grades, manners, and behavior. The students earn points and then convert the points into dollars to purchase items at the store.

Etiquette lessons are offered at Cypress Woods where students learn hospitality skills. Learn More.

S.M.A.R.T. Building Emotional Intelligence

The S.M.A.R.T. initiative was created as a pilot program to provide emotional health support and first aid for Gargiulo Education Center migrant students due to the lack of services provided in our area of North Naples. While it is clear that there is a serious need for psychological intervention in today’s young society with mental health challenges and disorders, it is even more evident among the migrant children population. Many of the children have serious anxiety, anger, and depression disorders due to the stress of the migrant lifestyle.  It is hard enough for our children to return from school to an empty house, but the limited time spent with their parents (or in some cases a single parent) is more than challenging. Learn More.

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Endowment Fund

In collaboration with the Community Foundation of Collier County, the Gargiulo Education Center has established an endowment fund where contributions to the fund will be held, invested for lifetime giving. This Fund was created to ensure the longevity of our commitment to the success in our students’ future. This fund would allow you to donate appreciated stock and bonds, cash and other assets such as bequests, charitable leads trusts, charitable remainder trusts, life insurance, annuities and retirement plans on a tax-favorable basis. 

Join others by giving or pledging to the Gargiulo Education Center Endowment Fund to improve the lives of our local migrant children.